The Excitement Of The Theater

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As a mother, I often wonder what all can be done, as a family, where we can go and have a great time. I imagine going to a drive in theater, the excitement of enjoying a movie in my own way. This is an all American pastime. My children will have fond memories of everyone driving into the theater, going to the playground and swinging on a swing while watching their favorite movies. Memories filled with joy, laughter, milk shakes, eating their favorite junk food, and being able to dress up in a costume of whatever character is featured in a certain movie. They will want to bring their children, their children’s children to recreate those nostalgic feelings of being able to enjoy a drive-in theater. Let’s say you and your sweetheart want a date night. Grab a blanket and some pillows, relax under the stars for a romantic comedy on our plush green lawn. You’ll be able to snuggle up next to your sweetie, the weather is just perfect, and breezy. Fall in love under the stars, maybe even propose to her. This movie theater will always keep that memory alive, and in turn you will be able to bring your future children. Do you want the drive-in experience without having to be outside? We have just the solution. Everyone can come and enjoy our restaurant with car seating and the look of being in a drive-in. Friends and family will come in and sit at one of our 50’ style car-booths and be able to enjoy a great burger and a shake while watching one of the featured films for that evening.

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