The Exciting Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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According to Alison M. Lewis who wrote “Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters,” he married a woman named Louisa Hawkins in 1885. Twelve years later he fell in love with another lady named Jean Elizabeth Leckie, but out of respect for his wife he kept their relationship friendly and nothing more. Bittersweetly for Doyle, Loiusa died of tuberculosis in 1906. The next year he was wed to Jean and they stayed together until her death in 1940 (Lewis 114). Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also had five children in his lifetime. According to June Sawyers, the writer of “Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life In Letters," his first wife birthed two of his children and Jean Elizabeth Leckie had the other three. Mary Louise was his first child, born in 1889, then Kingsley was born three years later. His second wife had their first child in 1909, named Denis Percy Stewart, who married a Georgian Princess later in his life. The other children were named Adrian Malcolm and Jean Lena Annette (Sawyers 14). Through all the stresses of family and work, Doyle wanted to eliminate Sherlock Holmes from his busy schedule. According to Theodore Dalrymple who wrote "The Eternal Detective," Doyle had his own medical practice set up in London, but no patients ever came. He would write while waiting for customers. He eventually became tired of writing and wanted to kill off Sherlock Holmes because the character was distracting him from more important issues. In 1893 he wrote “The Final Problem” where Holmes plummeted
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