The Exciting yet Stressful Career of Computer Programming

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How could you be reading this paper right now without programs like Windows and Word that this document was made on? Technology is a fundamental part of our everyday lives, meaning the people who program computers have significant jobs. Although it is essential that computers are built from scratch, people are needed to transform these computers from complex machines that users need a college diploma to the user-friendly interfaces we see today. In order to become and remain a computer programmer, a student could go to college and obtain a degree or self-teach himself.
Computer programming is a difficult yet rewarding career. Programmers use different programming languages in their day-to-day lives; similar to foreign languages they are similar in some ways but different in others. Three languages commonly used by computer programmers are Visual Basic, C++, and Java (“Major: Computer Programming, General”). Other languages include SQL, HTML, and .NET (Juliano, Jim). Programming can even be done as a hobby instead of a career (Reeves and Kent). People can release their work as open-source software; many of these open-source software such as Apache HTTPD, WordPress, and PHP run millions of websites across the world. Programming is a “love it or hate it” occupation (Reeves and Kent). A programmer has to have passion for programming in order to be successful; one cannot simply choose programming as a job unless they truly enjoy it. Programmers enjoy their jobs because

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