The Execution Of A New Strategy

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Execution of a new strategy is always a taxing task. It necessitates the possession of significant resources, and also a well designed and engaged administrative composition. Good policy will designate a specific person who or entity who is accountable for implementing the new policy. At the outset of the execution of a new policy, a group should be identified that can oversee the new strategy in all pertinent sectors of the organization to assure various efforts within management are synchronized.

In Jordan, an expansion synchronization team was set up in the governmental bureau that collected information from each of the government directorates within the kingdom 's Education Ministry to oversee the implementation of diverse programs connected to the education transformation that included the ICT Plan that the government wished to develop (Ministry of Economics, 2008). In Singapore, the Educational Technology Division teamed up with divisions within the government 's education ministry in such activities as curriculum preparation, development and training of teachers in ICT and the execution of their long-range and short-range plans. In addition, the Ministry of Education worked closely with the government agencies that are held responsible for the national ICT grid and for increasing an aggressive ICT industry in Singapore (Coppock, Smith & Howell, 2007).

Maintain a collaborative attitude

Collaboration between the various government departments that oversee education
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