The Executioner 's Song, We Follow The Life Of Gary Gilmore As Written By Norman Mailer

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In the book The Executioner’s Song, we follow the life of Gary Gilmore as written by Norman Mailer. Mailer describes Gary’s childhood throughout the book as a very rough living, followed by Gary finding himself practically living his adult life in a series of institutions for bad behavior ( mostly burglary). During the course of his young adult life, Gary’s cousin, Brenda, and he had been writing letters back and forth, and eventually Gary is taken for parole in by his cousin’s parents. Quickly the family becomes worn out from Gary’s rough personality traits. He drinks too much, borrows a lot of money, asks a lot of favors, and doesn’t give much in return. He has an almost violent behavior and everyone quickly learns to try to pass Gary on quickly before he starts trouble. Within the first month of parole, Gary tries to ‘get with’ several girls. Mostly much younger girls, considering he’s been incarcerated for most of his life since he was that age. Then one night while Gary was out with Sterling and meets Nicole. Nicole has a whole “part” of the book dedicated to her and a part of her life leading up to being with Gary. And, rightfully so. Nicole is a huge part of Gary’s life from one month after the start of parole with the Mr. Vern Demico (Brenda’s father) through his capture for murder, Nicole had been a factor in Gary’s life. After Gary had been captured, Nicole wondered if it was her fault, she wondered if her leaving Gary and taking her two kids was what…
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