The Executive And Ceo Of Pepsico

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Indra Nooyi is the Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo who has broken barriers as a global leader culturally, as a woman and as an immigrant. She has challenged the mindset of culture about women on many levels that says women doesn’t make good business leaders of corporations and cannot lead as effectively as men do because of their competing responsibilities as wife, mother and CEO. Indra has been able to successfully lead PepsiCo while balancing her roles wife, mother and business leader although it was not without cost to her both as a mother and wife. Indra Nooyi in finding balance as wife, mother and CEO she states that she has had to make some trade off and sacrifices. She shares that her journey has been filled with heartache, heartbreaks, regrets and some compromises. She speaks of a husband to whom she has been married to for 28 years and how supportive he has been of her journey but even more painful for him. She states that she has always tried to make time for her daughters and also shared of her mother who resides in India whom she call at least twice per day. In prioritizing between being a CEO, wife and mother she states that it is the role of mother that comes first. Nooyi also gives credit to her faith in helping her to finding her balance with the responsibilities and being able to keep calm in the midst of challenging pressures as a CEO. Her home also reflects influences of her Indian culture that also keeps her grounded and connected to her cultural
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