The Executive Branch Essay

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The Executive Branch

The executive branch of our government is like a chameleon. To a startling degree it reflects the character and personality of the President. Clark M. Clifford, 1972 Page 189.
Ford was not a natural administrator, but he a was an experienced political professional.
His practice was to steer clear of jurisdictional rivalries, avoid having confidants within his cabinet, have private sources of advice outside the cabinet, leave "management and program implementation to the department heads,: and encourage dissent when he was making up his mind, but reserve the final decisions for himself. Page 120

Your motives will help maintain a positive outlook

Your speaking style and
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Eisenhower was enormously popular with the American people from the period of his service as supreme allied commander in Europe in World War II to his death in 1969, but it was long held by students of American politics that his performance as chief executive was largely a nonperformance. It was widely assumed that the policies of the Eisenhower administration were made not by the amiable IKE but by his less-then-amiable secretary of state, John Foster Dulles, and his stony-faced White House chief of staff, Sherman
Adams. Page 44

At U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, Eisenhower graduated sixty-first in a class of 164. (so you don't have to be smart to be president). Page 45

One facet of Roosevelt's public leadership was his fireside chats--the low-key, almost conversational radio broadcasts through which he explained his policies. In contrast with presidents who inundate the nation with words, Roosevelt rationed his broadcasts. Page
Master of Maneuver— No other president has been more politically proficient than
FDR,... with a legendary political network, and charm that could melt glaciers. Page 17.
(same as Clinton).

Emotional Intelligence— The politically gifted, emotionally challenged William
Jefferson Clinton provides yet another indication of the fundamental importance of emotional intelligence in the

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