The Executive Masters Of Public Administration

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Introduction: Life has afforded me the opportunity to travel various places both nationally and internationally. Through these travels, I have experienced the natural beauty of the lands, and observed the mastery skills contributed by man. I now build upon this travel list by including my first experience of the country of Jamaica. This opportunity afforded me through the Executive Masters of Public Administration (EMPA) program at North Central University, Durham, North Carolina. The program is comprised of an international internship component to the country Jamaica. Through this venture, I have experienced Jamaica’s culture, impact the economy has on the community, and its natural beauty. However, for this reflection, my experience will focus on the problems and challenges I observed and learned about through the agency in which I was assigned. I was assigned to the Social Development Commission (SDC). The SDC is the principal community development agency working with Jamaica’s 783 communities. It is positioned in the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development. This agency, SDC continues to execute its legal mandate to inter alia, “promote and control scheme for, and to do any act or thing which may directly, or indirectly serve the advancement of sports, social, cultural & economic development for the people of Jamaica and its workers in particular”. There are thirteen Parish Offices in Jamaica. I interned with the Kingston and St. Andrews Parish,

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