The Executive Of The East India Hotel

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In the past Vikram, the CEO of the East India Hotel (EIH) Luxury Hotel Chain had successfully role-modeled how to use customer feedback to investigate root causes of various types of service delivery issues to consistently improve service quality at the EIH. Once again, he was consulted to lead the Oberoi’s response to recover from yet another service failure experienced at the Oberoi Vanyavilas(OV). Despite an impressive 94% net promoter score, Vanyavilas received a complaint from the dissatisfied guest who was unable to sleep due to the noise created by a train that was located a mile away, resulting into dissatisfied guest terminating their hotel stay and leaving earlier. Here, Oberoi organization suffered from the total service quality gap, because the service quality (SQ) dimensions those OV team objectively considered most important did not match with the most important perceived service quality attributes of its guests. The OV general manager (GM) was not fully aware of the expectations of the Oberoi customer and hence failed to provide quality service, which by the definition is ‘the ability to constantly deliver service to meet/exceed the customer expectations.’ To recover from this service failure, we recommend Vikram to (i) exhibit effective use of customer feedback to perform root-cause analysis of this service delivery failure so that entire EIH hotel-chain can improve in the long-run and (ii) have GM take immediate corrective action to minimize/prevent

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