The Executive President Of Ge 's Chemical Divisions

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Jack Welch was fascinated with chemical engineering and entered GE in 1961 as a junior engineer near where he attended college at the University of Massachusetts. Jack Welch chose General Electric, as he desired a small company atmosphere. He was about to put in his resignation, when an executive at the time assured him that no matter how big the company grew; it would still maintain the small atmosphere feel which made Jack stay and not pursue other opportunities. In 1968 Jack became head of GE’s plastics division, a $26 million-dollar operation. He also oversaw all the marketing and in 1971 became the vice president of GE’s chemical divisions. In 1973 he controlled all the strategic planning for the company and was getting exposure to many of the top executives leading to where in 1979 he became the vice chairman of General Electric. Being that he worked his way from an entry level position, by proving success through his accomplishments, Jack Welch became the youngest chairman and CEO within GE’s history in 1981. “Under his leadership he took the company from $12 billion in value to $280 billion and developed emerging markets with numerous mergers and acquisitions.” Jack Welch was one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century. A top-level manager looks at things in the big picture for many years out. Through his early career as a manager he was very autocratic in his leadership style at first. As the text defines autocratic decision “A manager decides alone

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