The Exercise Consisted Of Eight Participants

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Methods Study subjects: The exercise consisted of eight participants who did weight lifting and after that the same eight participants did a running part. All eight individuals were randomly selected with varying athletic levels who are either moderately active or highly active. The heart rates of the participants were observed from their pulse rate before and after weight lifting and running. The weights used was one 8 lbs dumbbell and the running was done on the treadmill. Once all the data was gathered from the eight participants, the results were analyzed with a specific statistical test called Paired T- Test. Paired T-Test is obtained from SPSS, a statistical software used to evaluate the results. Heart Rate and/or beats per minute evaluation: The participants were taken to a gym where they had access to a treadmill and dumbbell. The procedure of the examination was explained to the participant before the exercise was performed. Prior to the performance of the exercise, we asked each individual if they had any medical concerns that needed to be cleared before participation. A resting heart rate was taken by placing two fingers on the participant 's wrist. Each thump that was felt was counted as one beat. A timer was set for 15 seconds. The amount of thumps felt after 15 seconds was then multiplied by four to obtain the total number of beats per minute. The individual then went to perform weight lifting for five minutes with the dumbbells. After five minutes have
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