The Exhibition Experience Using Falk And Dierking 's Interactive Experience Model

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People gather halfway through the Andy Warhol exhibition, at The Portland Art Museum, in front of a looping short film of Warhol eating a burger ending with “I’m Andy Warhol and I just finished eating a burger” (, n.d.). The exhibition, provided by the Jordan Schnitzer family, is the largest collection of Warhol’s work to ever be on display (Portland Art Museum, n.d.). I will be evaluating the Warhol exhibition experience using Falk and Dierking’s Interactive Experience Model (IEM). IEM entails factors form both outside and inside the institution, contributing to the museum experience in three different contexts, the sociocultural (social), physical, and personal. Unknowingly the visitor uses these contexts to interact with the exhibition and museum, before, during and after the visit takes place. Museum staff can use these contexts to evaluate the visitor experience determining the success of the exhibition and revealing areas for improvement.
Researching a museum before the visit is an important factor in the visitor gaining useful knowledge on the exhibition and experience ahead. Upon visiting the website I was able find large amounts of information pertaining to the Warhol exhibition that would be beneficial for my visit. The website provided concise information on the museum location, parking information in the area, cost of admission, and should expected and gained from the exhibition. The large exhibition has been built to display a timeline of Warhol’s

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