The Existence Of A Single Celled Organism

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Imagine if someone approached you and said that nothing in this world exists? Now, you can believe that this person is crazy, and that this individual has no right to say nonsense. An argument can be made that things do exist because we exist. We wake up, whether we want to or not, progress through the day, go to sleep, and repeat the process until our lives come to an end. Those who are religious argue God created man and everything around, and that what we distinguish now. Those who oppose the religious statement argue the idea of evolution and we all originate from a single celled organism. Each of these statements are limited for their justifications are supported by religion or science. Philosophically, both of these statements are…show more content…
He discusses about how everything he perceives is based on his “sensor data”, or the information that obtained through the five senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing). Although, he describes that the senses can also be deceived. For example, the initiation of an image when we experience mirages, or seeing hallucinations after taking meditation. Ideally, he argues that the simple 5 senses are not reliable as well. He then moves to the idea of God and religion, and that there is an evil deceiver or demon that is responsible for his deceived senses. He justifies that God is good, and there’s no way God would allow that to happen. In his second mediation, he explains the nature of the human mind and how it is better than the body. Descartes states that it’s impossible to doubt that God exists because it would mean the doubt your own existence. He then clarifies that he is a “thinking” thing, which then becomes his only valid statements as the previous statements were contradicting each other. In other words, I think, therefore I am. Descartes then approaches the physical aspects of beings, and talks about how wax, when cold, has all of its properties, and when it’s next to a fire becomes a puddle, but it’s still wax. He then takes that same idea and says that this could happen to the body as well. He comes to the conclusion that no matter what has occurred to the body, physically, it is still taking up space in the world. The only thing he can only rely on is
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