The Existence Of Evil By Blackburn Theory

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Introduction: 53 In Blackburn theory I am going to argue that his theory the existence of evil strongly suggests that there does not exist a God who is all-good, all-knowing and all-powerful to be false. In my argument I will try to present facts that show the existence of God and why there is evil.
Exposition: 313 In Blackburn’s argument he basically mentions that because there is evil in the world there is no existence of a present creator. It is impossible to see the suffering that’s going on in the world and suggest that it’s a part of a good plan. Why would a creator of all good be able to stand by and watch individuals suffer, and of all knowing and powerful why not put an end to all suffering at once. Logically a creator of all good and all-powerful would be able to put a stop to suffering and evil immediately. Blackburn also mentions that religious individuals state that because of free will the world is what it is today. The notion that God created a perfect world with humans having free will and because of the misuse of that free will evil is present. Blackburn is against this idea total, he mentioned we couldn’t have free will without the influence of the past we can be free to do whatever we want and potentially to be blame for it, but the will is the influence of the past so we basically doing what the past tell us which is determinism. Blackburn also states that it’s not only human decisions that inflict evil

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