The Existence Of Evil : Evil

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The existence of evil seems undeniable. As we progress through our lives and go through our everyday routines, we can see and acknowledge that evil is all around us. By simply turning on the news, we are immediately bombarded with reports of violent murders, dangerous storms, robberies and a new dangerous disease affecting half of the countries in the world. There is no denying that people suffer because we have experienced pain and suffering ourselves. At one point or another in our lives, we are confronted by the existence of evil. With this confrontation, we are subjected to the many theories of why and how evil exists. We question the very existence of evil, its creation, the cause and the purpose.
The “theodicy” problem, or the problem of evil, has been argued multiple ways over the course of many years. If God is so good and so powerful, why does He allow evil to happen in the world? How can a loving God allow so much pain and suffering, especially among the innocent? What, if any, is the purpose of this evil? Many arguments arise from these questions. Not only do these questions fall under a religious standpoint, but many can also argue that they fall under a social and moral standpoint. In order to understand the above questions, we need to consider the theories of evil. Evil can be described as an act that is immoral or wicked. Evil can also be described as an event that causes pain and suffering. It does not discriminate among ethnicity, gender, religious

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