The Existence Of God And The Battle Between Good And Evil

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The existence of God and the battle between good and evil has been a topic of much discussion for centuries. Through the philosophical scope, there is a “Problem of Evil” that challenges the existence an all-powerful God if there is evil in the world. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, was a German philosopher who argued about the topic of the problem of evil. Leibniz argued that (1) evil is not necessary; (2) that there is evil in the world because as humans we are restricted in our knowledge since we are merely made in the image of God, but we are not God and thus we are exposed to evil; and (3) God didn’t create evil but evil exists because of the free will of humans; all of which I believe provides a clear solution to the problem of evil.

The problem of evil states that if evil exists in this world then there is no reasonable way that an all-powerful, benevolent God can exist, since if so, he would have made the world without evil. However, Leibniz argues that evil is not necessary but it is a choice that we make. Evil is not absolute and is not existent in all possible worlds since it is up to human choice. “Evil is due to human free will” (Bailey 105). This theory proves that evil is not something that is absolute contrary to the existence of God. However, it is something that is chosen and acted on by human, showing, evil is not necessary or directly connect with God. This provides a solution to the problem of evil because if evil is subject to the choice of humans, then
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