The Existence Of God : Ontological Argument Essay

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The question of the existence of God has troubled mankind for thousands of years. Many philosophers and theologians have always searched for prove whether God exists. Many of them constructed valid arguments which support theist believes. The existence of God was once never denied, as His presence, His existence was evident in miracles and the people 's faith. But time and the advancement of modern science have called God and His very nature into question. The Perfect Being has become the source of much doubt and controversy. The faithful, believing people have become unsure. It seems that we will never find the answer to this question, but I think that we should take a look at one of the most famous arguments that prove the existence of God: Ontological Argument. It was made in the eleventh century by Anselm who was one of the most important Christian thinkers of his time. He proved that God exists by relying only on a priori reasoning. We do not need any physical evidence of God to prove that he exist. We can prove it just by our ability to thinking about it.
.Relevant theories
Ontological Argument is one of many arguments that was constructed to prove the existence of God. This question has been around for a very long time, so there are lots of argument about this topic. Some of them are good, some of them are not. But, I would like to focus on Cosmological Argument and Argument from Contingency.
Cosmological argument
This argument was constructed by Aquinas to prove
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