The Existence Of God Through Aquinas ' Views

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In this paper I am going to discuss the existence of God through Aquinas’ views, with the the argumentation he presents. Following the process of proving the existence of God through Aquinas’ views, I will present an objection or two to his argument. Aquinas’ views were highly influenced upon Aristotle’s prime mover. The problem that is trying to be solved is the existence of God. Aquinas most famous for proving the actuality of God is his argument, The Five Ways of the Summa Theologiae. However, St. Thomas had more to say about proving the existence of God, which will be further discussed. An objection to a part of his argument is that everything that moves has to be moved by another thing. Except, this chain of movers cannot go on to infinity, because if so then there would be no first mover. I will show that Aquinas proves the existence of the God, wrapping up with a few objections. A problem needs to be solved, that is the existence of the God, per Aquinas. Aquinas ' argument from motion begins with the empirical observation of motion in the world. This argument is called an à posterior argument. Starting with his Five Ways of Summa Theologiae. I will point out his first point in the argument analysis which has to do with motion. When Aquinas is speaking of motion though, he is speaking of any type of change, not simply change of location. The growth of our wisdom, birth, death, the fluctuation of the temperature, etc., are all examples of motion.
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