The Existence Of Humanity By Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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Humanity Some people live in a world that holds both beauty and ugliness, both joy and sorrow. This world defines the human character in which some have disagreements with each other or have a freedom of thoughts that makes them happy. This limitless world has granted people to be free and equal and gives the opportunity to learn from one another. However, some people try to get these benefits away from other individuals. For instance, some engage to take advantage of one another, approaches the kindness of each other, and feel jealousy of someone who has better things. Therefore, one can view in the novel called Frankenstein the existence of humanity. As, is perceived of the creature constructed by Victor Frankenstein. The creature is an invention by a maniacal scientist, who neglects the monster by its grotesque appearance. Referring to the Novel, Frankenstein is differently with his own creation; due to the fact that the monster is not a living human, but an invention. Humanity plays a significant role in the novel, but also in the universe. By the definition, “Humanity,” that amounts to a tautology: humanity is that which makes humans human.” (Festa). The humanity of an individual is reflective of its personality. There are characters who are naturally benevolent; some learn through compassion and while others learn through misery. However, in general some are the opposite of benevolent. For instance, some individuals are indeed inconsiderate, arrogant, and most of
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