The Existence Of The Cold Weather

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A long time ago, the village Salem became famous. Their neighbors had started to build extreme, exaggerated hysteria when a group of your girls were claimed to be possessed by bad spirits. It is said that when bad spirits come to our lives, it is because we do not have control over ourselves, and in those days, the villagers believed that bad spirits were the real devil. In the spring of 1692, there were a lot of accusations by villagers, claiming girls to be guilty of those suspicions. They believed that the devil could be free and they believed if they killed the accused, they could kill the bad spirit inside of them. Otherwise, many villages were scared because they had never seen those kinds of things before. However, the causes of that kind of thing could be strong belief in the occult, disputes, rivalries and personal differences, and a theory about the cold weather. Even though they have strong beliefs in the bible, there are new theories that explain what had actually happed. The religions and beliefs was extreme exaggeration because at the moment could be accused for something not guilty. In the village of Salem, Massachusetts current estranger success where the occult became to the light. Many people do not like the occult thing because they thought that if we are not with God we are not normal. At the moment puritan were the stronger kings of the religion because the made rules that anyone cannot exceed. Many people had to follow then because they were a small
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