The Existence of God Essay

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The Existence of God

In this essay I am going to explore and analyse arguments concerning the existence of God. I will be investigating all the different beliefs about God from Christians including: 'Moral and Divine Command', 'Ontological', 'Cosmological' and the argument from design.

These areas of belief will all be fully considered and analysed in depth. After doing this, I will therefore come to a conclusion of my own sort and explain my own beliefs and there reasons.

For many centuries people have believed in this figure called 'God', who apparently created the World, everything inside it and around it. Some people have had experiences involving him and just believe what is written in
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Interpreted, it is basically explaining that we have rules and regulations in this World so there must have been a source for these laws and that must be 'God'.

This is an extremely strange argument to promote. 'We have laws/rules/regulations so 'God' must have created them, and now he exists.' This is one of then worst statements in the World to commit yourself to. There is no evidence what so ever to back up this idea. People have set laws and regulations over the years to keep society in an orderly fashion. If they did not, then Earth would be the most uncivilised place out of anywhere. However, I can almost see the point that was made. I think what Aquinas was trying to state was that someone had to have created rules before because as early human beings we weren't as intelligent as today and could not have had enough intellect as to do something like invent rules and regulations.

But that's where they are wrong because rules were invented very early on but that's not necessarily saying that they were the correct rules and regulations. That's why a lot or laws have been changed or are being changed to this present day because people make decisions and rules up based upon the present time era that they are in.

'Ontological Argument' ======================

Ontological arguments suggest that 'God' is the highest

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