The Existence of UFOs Essay

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Do UFO's Exist or Not
For half a century the subject of UFO has been discussed by scientists, ecologists, politicians, and common people around the world. It seems paradoxical, but the main question of their discussion concerns existence or non-existence of UFO itself, so many people is not sure that the very subject of their debate really exists. I share the opinion of those who do not believe in UFO saying that this phenomenon has not been scientifically proved, and everything its adherents operates is conjecture and fantasy, and disconnected stories of those who allegedly have seen UFO are far from scientific explanation of the event.
On the one hand, the very name UFO, which
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Some scientists and psychologists specialized in the study of past-life memories in children, and carefully studied the use of interviews with witnesses as the main method of researching these cases, deny the true nature of such evidences. Taking into account the psychological explanation of this problem, it is possible to summarize that many of the persons who “witnesses” UFO live in the world of dreams and have some psychological problems, and the desire to be an extraordinary one push them to believe that witnessed UFO (Thompson, 2005).
In reality, many scientists were skeptical of both UFOs and of alien life in general; they contended that interstellar travel would be easy for advanced civilizations, so the lack of overt contact disproved alien existence. Yet most UFO opponents do believe alien life exists out in the universe, just not here. So they defend the near impossibility of interstellar travel, which contradicts a considerable portion of the scientific community (Thompson, 1990).
“This fact allows reject evidence that would otherwise confirm the presence of a solid object under intelligent control with propulsion irreproducible by human technology” (Thompson, 1990). For instance, when a certain degree of physical substance for an airplane is obtained for an unconventional disk-shaped vehicle, this degree of evidence is accepted for the airplane but rejected for the anomalous vehicle (National UFO reported Center, 2005).
The problem is that people
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