The Existential Of Existential Anxieties Of Anna, Sandro And Claudia Essay

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“We define existential mattering (EM) as the degree to which individuals feel that their existence is of significance and value; to feel a sense of EM is to feel that one’s existence is important and relevant.” (39) Demonstrated by Batthyany et al. definition of existential mattering, is the importance of self-awareness, a theme that perpetuates through Antonioni’s L’Avventura. Anna, Sandro and Claudia, three of the characters of interest in Antonioni’s film, are in constant limbo with their self-awareness and seem as if they are unable to achieve conscious, rational self-evaluation. Throughout this text, we will evaluate the existential anxieties of Anna, Sandro and Claudia as presented through the narrative and filmography of L’Avventura.
We are first introduced to Anna, a thin woman with short dark hair, in her dialogue with her father where it quickly becomes apparent that they already have a difference in opinion on love, marriage and what she should wear on a yacht. “that guy will never marry you my darling daughter” to which Anna replies “so far, I’ve been the one who doesn’t want to marry him” “it’s the same difference” her father disagrees (Antonioni. 3:45 – 3:55). Although this is a short glimpse into Anna’s character we can see that she resists these social standards and almost seems annoyed by them. Anna is seemingly the most self- aware of the characters but seems to be stuck in a position where she is unsure of how everyone else will react to her true
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