The Expansion Of Creativity During The 20th Century

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The end of the 20th century introduced our society to a world unknown by many, and dreamt of by revolutionaries. The expansion of creativity has opened a world full of adaptations with communications. From many ideas and creations, the dawn of a new species has been laid upon the elders of our world.Introducing, the Digital Natives. The millennials of today 's present, and nearby future. A sophisticated class born into the intelligence and complexity which is foreign to our elders. From the advancement of technology, many positives have arised. Communication between friends and family has advanced. Our residents on this planet are able to communicate more easily. With each positive however, lurks a negative, and a consequence. Cyberbullying has become a huge issue in today 's world. Many people avoid in person confrontations/ conversations and would much rather discuss matters in the comforts of their own home. Socialization has expanded, yet in a way that is foreign to many people. Family connections have been influenced positively, but how about with older relatives who lack digital experience and knowledge? The use of social media has expanded our world digitally, but affects in person confrontation in a negative manner. Technology has had a positive impact on today’s world. An example on the positive influence technology has deals with family ties. Family connections are positively influenced with the use of technology. Each family may or may not struggle with
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