The Expansion Of Knowledge Throughout All Of Mankind

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From the beginning of time, there have been three questions that have driven the expansion of knowledge throughout all of mankind; What? How? and Why? There is also possibly a forth that starts with the phrase, “I wonder….”, and from there grows exponentially. Every scientist and thinker from Galileo to Stephen Hawking has started their line of inquiry with one of the three questions or that most inquisitive of phrases. Every child has looked up in the sky and asked their parents, “Mommy, why is the sky blue?” and has followed it up by the never ending succession of questions that begin with, “But why? But why? But why?”. And in that space, the scientific method was born.

As science began to understand and explain our world, its
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At this point we have a question, its limitations, an estimated best-guess answer, and some external data to help inform us. Now the second half of the scientific method circle begins.

The fifth step of the scientific model is to test the hypothesis. The scientists has asked the question and determined what they think should happen to answer it. They have gathered the relevant data and now must design a test to either prove or disprove their hypothesis. Importantly, the outcome is profound either way. If the outcome of the experiment or test proves a hypothesis, then it demonstrates that asking X question under Y conditions should result in Z outcomes. However, it is equally important that if the results are not what was expected then there is an additional series of questions to be asked. Working with the hypothesis is the sixth step of the process to ensure that the experiment or test was capable of producing a result in keeping with the original question. If it is, then then any variation in the expected outcomes is not the culprit. The hypothesis is solid. If the test or experiment fails to achieve the desired results then it might be the case that its not the tests that are incorrect, it 's the hypothesis that provided an alternative outcome.

If working with the hypothesis doesn’t help the scientist gain the understanding he/she is looking for, then it is time to consider step seven,
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