The Expansion Of Medicaid

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States are being pressured to expand Medicaid to families earning up to $30,000 a year, just like the Affordable Care Act permits. While several respected governors have agreed to expand the program, many other governors and state legislators are cautious. These officials do not want to deny Americans their access to health care, however they do want to slow the expansion of a program that will provide them with limited access to quality care while destroying state budgets. One of the strongest arguments that can be made against the expansion of Medicaid is the fact that States simply can not afford it. The appeal to states to expand Medicaid is that the federal government will cover 100% of the cost through 2016 and eventually lowering to…show more content…
The expansion of medicaid would be followed by negative repercussions for states budgets and low- income citizens. When dealing with budget decisions officials almost always have to take into consideration trade-offs such as: taxes versus debt and roads versus education. If federal funds need to be reallocated for better health care then the money would have to come from another area, such as education, or taxes would have to be raised. In 2013, James Madison Institute conducted a poll on Medicaid and one question read as follows: “To expand Medicaid coverage in Florida that would require either additional taxes of less state spending on things like education, roads, and law enforcement. Would you be more likely or less likely to support the governor and Legislature expanding Medicaid coverage, if it meant higher taxes and less spending on other priorities?” (“Florida statewide”, 2013). 60% of responses said they would be less likely to support expansion if it meant higher taxes, while 27% said they would still support the expansion. A common argument for Floridians not wanting to expand Medicaid is that the program already takes up roughly 30% of the state budget. Another example would come from the outcome of New hampshire’s expansion. “According to the National Association of State Budget Officers’ annual report, in New Hampshire

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