The Expansion Of National Public Authority

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The popular expansion of national public authority, coupled with the flourishing existence of open and natural environments have been integral to the history and progress of American democracy and capitalism. The open frontier of the New World established an inescapable feeling of freedom, individualism, and independence. Out of these sentiments, a supportive political environment emerged, one that harmoniously worked to uphold the same ideas of equality and security that were meshing to form the foundation of America. These separate focal points worked in unison to shape what is now known as the “Great Experiment.” Yet, this experiment has enlightened most citizens of the ways in which America is changing and the unsettling future of American democracy. A popular misconception concerning the “inevitability” of American democracy has shadowed most citizens from detecting its limitations. This paper will address the validity of the statement that the world today “demonstrates the victory of the American model of competitive capitalism and representative democracy.” Additionally, this paper will analyze the “superiority of the American system of free markets and democratic politics,” as well as the inevitability of both institutions. This above assertion places the United States at the forefront of democracy, an ideological paragon that dominates on an international scale. The statement, blinded by its indelible sentiments of ethnocentricity, is simply false. Despite the…
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