The Expansion Of Space Architecture

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Introduction The collective space vision of all the world’s countries at the moment seems to be Mars, Moon, space colonization, permanent settlement etc. Even Steven Hawking does not think that humans will survive another 1000 years ‘without escaping beyond our fragile planet’. Architects are designing colonial habitats on Mars and Moon creating large flimsy structures for permanent settlements. But is that space architecture is all about? Just to create a new living environment for rats abandoning a sinking ship? Obviously space architecture can be something more than just a permanent habitat in uninhabitable environment. This manifesto argues that architecture in space could help humanity to maintain Earth as well as to explore other…show more content…
Certainly it is a great shock to all ecosystems, but it is a long way from uninhabitable. If we do the meanest things such as nuclear war, pollution of all air and water, greenhouse warming, complete deforestation, Earth would still be considered as the most habitable planet of the galaxy that we know. Even post-apocalyptic Earth would still be an absolute paradise in comparison to Mars, the Moon, or hellish Venus. None of these places will ever be more welcoming than Earth, no matter how bad Earth gets. Even if we have to live and farm under pressurized domes, we will do it million times easier than the people who do the same on Mars. And if sooner or later humanity gets the power of terraforming Mars or Moon, we will certainly have the power of cleaning up whatever mess we made on Earth and turn it into a Garden of Eden. The latter seems as much easier project. Steven Hawking advocates that ‘having all eggs in one basket’ is not wise. Considering the fact that there have been five large extinctions events throughout Earth’s history, spreading out could be logical. But again, this option should be for the most extreme situation, since the protection of Earth and its children is always comes first. The Purpose of Space Architecture. The purpose of architecture itself is to improve human life. Due to its extreme environments, living in space or on
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