The Expansion Of The Antebellum Period

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Prior to the Antebellum Period, the United States began to expand its influence to the Midwest. Although there were conflicts regarding the state of slavery, the expansion of land helped the people of America attain cheaper and larger plots of land out west. Due to the fact that more land was available within the United States, immigrants had the desire to emigrate to America and establish new ways of life. Since both the Irish and the Germans brought their own ideologies with them, conflicts arose with them and the Americans, which made the American’s fear change. Along with immigrants came the European Romantic Movement. This movement emphasized the ideas of man’s perfection and the metaphysical and spiritual side of humans. Although, during the Antebellum Period, the American’s fear of change led to reforms involving the immigration of others and, ultimately, the Second Great Awakening, but the Romantic Movement, brought from Europe by the said immigrants, also led to reforms such as abolitionism and feminism within American society. With the immigration of Europeans, primarily the Irish, came conflicting views that created tension within the United States and caused Americans to fear change and reform their society. Due to these tensions, a new ideology, nativism, became popular. Nativism, an anti-immigration ideology, emphasized the idea that immigrants were only liked for their ability to serve and listen to what their priests told them to. Also, nativism stated
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