The Expansion Of The Bamburi Cement Company

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Executive summary. This is a business proposal on the expansion of the Bamburi cement company, by establishing a branch in Thailand. It shows how the venture will be established, how raw materials will be transported from Kenya to Thailand, the distribution channel of the brand from the product from the manufacturing plant to the outlet, financing of the venture and the overall operations of the
Table of contents
1.0. Introduction.
2.0. The Company and the Products and Services.
2.1. Barriers to market introduction.
2.2. The unique selling point and direct competitive advantage.
2.3. Transportation and logistics.
2.4. Product modifications.
2.5. Product maintenance.
3.0. Country situation analysis.
3.1. Cultural and social
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The company will transport raw materials from its home country to Thailand for the cement manufacture. This will be a foreign direct investment since the venture will utilize Thailand labor in the process of production. Following a market research conducted by the company among Ten Asian States, Thailand was identified as the most favorable market destination in Asia for the Bamburi cement company’s products. Thailand has several major cities among them Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pak Kret, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai among other heavily populated and built cities. The company will however face stiff competition from local cement companies like the Siam cement and the Portland cement. The company must therefore enter the market with a competitive style to market and sell its produce. The company will operate in Bangkok as the initial outlet point, and plough back generated profits by establishing branches in Nonthaburi and Hat Yai. The cement manufacturing plant will be located in Yala where the research committee has identified a suitable location for a processing plant.
2.0. The company and products and services
2.1. Barriers to market introduction Market entry of a new product is always a challenging task and the company must put measures in place to withstand the unanticipated challenges ( Peterson, 2012). To begin with, the product will experience tariff barrier. This is because the company is foreign to Thailand
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