The Expansion Of The Bamburi Cement Company

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Executive summary. This is a business proposal on the expansion of the Bamburi cement company, by establishing a branch in Thailand. It shows how the venture will be established, how raw materials will be transported from Kenya to Thailand, the distribution channel of the brand from the product from the manufacturing plant to the outlet, financing of the venture and the overall operations of the Table of contents 1.0. Introduction. 2.0. The Company and the Products and Services. 2.1. Barriers to market introduction. 2.2. The unique selling point and direct competitive advantage. 2.3. Transportation and logistics. 2.4. Product modifications. 2.5. Product maintenance. 3.0. Country situation analysis. 3.1. Cultural and social considerations. 3.2. Economic considerations. 3.3. Political and legal considerations. 4.0. Rationale. 4.1. Target market and positioning. 4.2. Market entry strategies. 4.3. Competitive analysis. 4.4. Analysis of market demand. 4.5. Marketing mix. 4.6. HR resources and organizational. Structure. 4.7. Manufacturing and distribution. 4.8. Financing and entry strategy. 4.9. Selection of host country partners 4.10. Critical success factors. 1.0. Introduction Thailand is a developed country located in Asia with an extensive network of infrastructure. There is a therefore favorable market for construction materials. Bamburi, a cement company located in Kenya should therefore consider investing in Thailand. With an extensive supply

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