The Expansion Of The Grocery Industry

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Executive Summary: Over the years we have seen the expansion of the grocery industry, in many cases local to global. With population growth around the world, grocers have become creative in their growth strategies while trying to grow market share and Brand. In the US when you think of grocery stores many immediately defer to those like Walmart or Target due their size. We believe that it will be those stores that separate themselves from others by creating a unique experience for the consumer and employees. Stores that do so should continue to show sustainable growth while being true to their core values and focusing on their strategies. As we look at the details within the grocery industry, we are intrigued at what Trader Joe’s has…show more content…
For more than a decade, Trader Joe’s has been well known, not only for their style and unique products, but by their loyal and trusted employees as well. Trader Joe’s compensates their employees well, with excellent benefits and has remarkably strengthened their competitive position in the industry. Continuing to capitalize and rely on Joe’s passion, by applying his sound cooperative principles of the past, challenges loom for them due to the fast moving, technology driven customer base. However, Joe wanted his principles to remain and ensure that any association with Trader Joe’s would remain a valuable experience, not only for their shareholders, but also for their suppliers, employees and loyal customer following. Trader Joe’s success is attributed to their sustained focus on core business. The rendering of a unique and unequivocal experience, the provision of sound financing solutions (to include their Aldi acquisition), store operations, new leadership implementation, the management of their expansion, as well as addressing their need for change at the right time. Trader Joe’s capitalizes on “the quality of the people in the stores” as a key strategic focus. Our recommendation would be to continue their strategic focus on growing their market share, geographical expansion and utilizing marketing integration opportunities via various social media and
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