The Expansion Of The Homo

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The expansion on the Homo Erectus moving into Europe during 800,000 BP allowed them to expand and evolve with the environment to continue the evolution to eventually becoming the anatomically modern humans, also known as Homo sapiens sapiens and AMH. Shortly after the Archaic Homo Sapiens the weather started to cool and some European Archaic Homo Sapiens, or EAHS, were isolated from the rest. Due to the isolation and the drastic environmental change the western European Archaic Homo Sapiens evolved to Homo sapiens Neanderthals. After the climate started to become normal the once western EAHS came out with physical builds that are cold weather adaptions while also having a stockier build than the Archaic Homo Sapiens and anatomically modern humans. Thus having a distinct physical traits and genes as well. Many argue that the Neanderthals have become extinct and are no longer here while others believe the opposite. However even if they did become extinct or if they didn’t they did encounter the anatomically modern human in various occasions and we are able to now because of genetics and archaeological evidence. After the climate started to change and the Neanderthals started to move they encountered the anatomically modern humans that were emerging from Africa and moving around. There was a limited interaction that the modern humans have with the Neanderthals however in records shown the Neanderthals and the modern humans have interacted in two settings in Europe and the…
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