The Expansion Of The Railroad System

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Through the four decades between 1860 and 1890 the land scape of the United States changed dramatically. One of the more important factors evident while observing the interactive map, is the expansion of the railroad system. The combination of railroad system and the increasing population of America created the grand expansion west. Through the decades’ rail systems increase, states were established, densely populated city began to appear, and improved land grow. The west expanded at a gradual rate except for the great railway expansions towards San Francisco. What didn’t happen was a resemblance of change in the south. The rail system increase, but the south lacked an increase in highly populated cities and improved agricultural land. Through the change of America, the states around New Orleans remained the same. Important factors accord between 1860 and 1870 that completely changed the migration of Americans through the next four decades. The railway network expanded in a small branch off of already existing tracks with the one exception from Chicago to San Francisco. After the development of the system a cluster of improved agricultural land grew around it. During each following decide the land improved around the rail system as it expanded further. Territories became states because of the pushing expansion, and large cities were created. The expansion towards the north east was imminent, but without the advancement of the rail system, the increasing population would be
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