The Expansion Of The United States

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The beginnings of a new nation involve colonizing land, buying it, or even going to war over it. The Unites States started off in 1607 when Englishmen colonized and founded Jamestown, Virginia while the Indian people lived in the land . In 1803 President Jefferson acted beyond the constitution and made the Louisiana Purchase which doubled the United States in size, because he did not want the French people in North America . The expansion of the United States continued throughout the years . In 1846 war started with Mexico, since Mexico refused to sell land to the American Nation. Land was obtained by lies and by trying to get the enemies out of the way. The forming of America was done the same way other nations had done it. It was formed…show more content…
The new English settlers wanted to reshape the Indian society and culture. The “ settlers spread over the land, threatened Indians’ ways of life “(Foner 56). The settlers were changing the agriculture and hunting techniques that the Indian people used to have. Some of the Indian people did not agree with them and a group of Indians confronted settlers in Chesapeake. The Indians stated “ you should rather conform yourselves to the customs of our country , than impose yours on us “ (Foner 56). Settlers were changing drastically the lives of the Indian people. The Englishmen arrived in Jamestown with “ epidemics that decimated Indians populations”(Foner 56). The Indians traded goods with the settlers and the settlers did the same. But the settlers were also spreading the diseases that they had brought from Europe. The Indians had never been exposed to diseases , their immune system was weak and the disease were more powerful than them and killed many Indians. The Indian people thought that the English settlers were just interested in establishing a trading post but “ once it became clear that the English were interested in establishing a permanent and constantly expanding colony... conflict with local Indians was inevitable” (Foner 59). The Indians attacked Virginian settlers which resulted in a massacre for Indians . Thus after many fights the settlers won and continued their expansion in America and they formed
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