The Expansion Of The United States

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The expansion of the United States into the territory west of the Mississippi River began with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the nation with a great deal of $15 million from France. While, American development was influenced by westward expansion, the purchasing of more land created controversy. Many disagreed with the idea of expanding and taking over land because Indians who already occupied the land wasn’t included in the agreement that was made and the Constitution did not have any thing that supported this idea. Although, the Louisiana Purchase showed Jefferson 's ability to make a logical political decision, it was opposed by Federalists who questioned the purchase and his ability. They were oblivious to the fact that United States was going to become powerful and progress with growth. United States ' expansion was a fulfillment of manifest destiny because the U.S. was obligated to spread and so it was necessary, inevitable and desirable that the Americans did this.

Expansion westward seemed perfectly natural to the United States. The American believed that god was the one who destined them to expand their land. John O’Sullivan believes that American had to fulfill the concept of manifest destiny because god given them the right. He also believes American had to spread and conquer anything and everyone as they grew across the North American continent. In his writing titled Great Nation of Futurity (1839), he writes “We are

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