The Expansion Of The United States

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The belief of the Manifest Destiny, that caused the westward expansion and led to many wars between all different types of people and the different countries that used the land. The expansion allowed for the lifespan to increase, the economy blossomed, and the main goal was accomplished which was getting occupation of America from ocean coast to ocean coast.
In the early 1800s the United States started their goal of the westward expansion. The idea of Manifest Destiny helped Americans to advance their civilization all the way to the opposite ocean being the Pacific Ocean, and even try getting down in Mexico and other parts of Central America. But, with the fast developing economy, America started to look to other countries for new exchange and goods. Also with the growing of the U.S. navy, the United States started to join in a race for foreign exchange.
The United States was able to open exchange markets with profitable sources for example the Chinese. Starting in the 1830s, the United States selected the popular belief of Manifest Destiny. They considered that they had a mission from God to extend their power and civilization all across the continent. The United States continued to expand westward, hoping to protect themselves from other countries influences, but at the same time trying to gain territories like New Mexico and California. When their economy started to increase, the United States started to look toward foreign countries to accomplish their needs of
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