The Expansion Of Urban Development Essay

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“Transportation infrastructure has always shaped the evolution and economic position of cities. First, our major cities largely grew around seaports. Next, urban development took place along rivers that formed the backbone of the industrial revolutions in the United States. Railroads opened up landlocked interiors of nations, fostering a third wave of city growth outward from their main terminals. Then, the expansion of suburban roadway systems created a fourth wave of urban development. We are now well into a fifth wave of transit-oriented development, where large commercial airports have become significant drivers of business location and urban economic growth” (Kasarda, May 13, 2015).
This fifth wave consists of an airport 's aeronautical, logistics and commercial elements, and it connects transportation infrastructure with clusters of aviation-oriented businesses and residential developments that continually feed off each other and their proximity to the airport. Simply stated, airport economic development or “Aerotropolis” is a metropolitan sub-region whose infrastructure, land use and economy are centered on or around an airport. Spatially, just as the traditional metropolis is made up of a central city and its suburbs, the aerotropolis consists of an airport city at its core and outlying corridors and clusters of aviation-linked businesses and their associated residential developments. This concept involves development on airport sites and for dozens of miles
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