The Expansion and Uses of Internet Browers

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Internet Browsers Internet Explorer, Chrome, Netscape, and Safari, these are a few examples of some of the web browsers that are used throughout the world. These web browsers have become even more common as the years have gone by. People use them in their everyday life to accomplish tasks that they need to get done. The beginning of this profitable and popular invention all started back in 1990. Internet browsers have been around for the last 23 years. The first browser to be invented in 1990 was called the World Wide Web and then later was renamed to Nexus. The inventor that created the first web browser was named Tim Berners-Lee. (Wikipedia) This project started out as just a research project and then later was used to make money. As…show more content…
The wider range of devices has made it easily accessible to access the internet. With more devices having the ability to access the internet, web browser companies were making it their target to make sure that their browser was the one being used. They would pay other technology companies to put their web browser on their devices. For example, Xbox 360 uses Bing as their main web browser and iPhone uses safari as their main browser. One of the main uses that people around the world use web browsers is to go on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Social networking sites make it easy for people to be able to see what their friends and family have going on in their lives and it also makes it easy for them to keep in touch with loved ones. With cell phones and electronics becoming even more popular, there are more people using social media networks. According to the article, “We Spent 230,060 Years on Social Media in One Month” written by Helen A.S. Popkin on NBC News, it states, “Facebook indeed, several times over, is the most popular social network in the U.S., with 152.2 million visitors on personal computers, 78.4 million users via mobile apps, and 74.3 million visitors via the mobile Web.” (Popkin). This shows that with technology and electronics evolving there are even more people accessing web browsers throughout the world every day and social media networks are a big factor to why people go on and use web browsers. Web

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