The Expansion of Southwest Airlines

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Background: Southwest Airlines has been in business for nearly 43 years and has over 44,000 employees. Southwest has a current operating income of $17.7 billion ("Information for the World's Business Leaders -", n.d). Like all great companies Southwest is currently looking to expand its services beyond their current borders. With the acquisition of its newest company AirTran, another low-cost airline, the expansion is more of a reality. With this expansion come changes to services as well as changes to staffing. Southwest does not want its values to be lost with expansion and wants current and future employees to reap the benefits of the organization. Southwest Airlines Mission: Southwest Airlines’ mission to its customers is to dedicate the highest quality of customer service and deliver it with warmth, friendliness, pride and company spirit ("Southwest Airlines | Book Flights, Airline Tickets, Airfare", n.d). Their mission statement to their employees is to provide a stable work environment with equal opportunities, learning and creativity that spawns innovation and an environment that promotes personal growth ("Southwest Airlines | Book Flights, Airline Tickets, Airfare", n.d.). Current Analysis (SWOT): There are many external and internal aspects of Southwest Airlines that influence the growth and stability of the company. Strengths: • Strong cost leadership strategy; Southwest is a large company that works effectively at a low cost (using the
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