Essay about The Expansion of the Great Black Migration

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From the early 1900s – 1920s the Great Black Migration occurred. In addition, the Great Migration occurred in the early 1900s and ended shortly after the Great War. The Great Black Migration was a time where blacks left the south to seek a better lifestyle in the Midwestern, Northern, and Eastern states. Blacks fled the South to seek better jobs, escape racism and discrimination, and to look for better schooling for their children. The Great Black Migration mostly occurred in the states of Illinois, Missouri, New York, and California. During the Great Migration, more than 100,000 blacks migrated to Harlem, New York. In Chicago and New York City, blacks were empowered by black-owned businesses, newspapers, and communities. Newspaper …show more content…
These factors drove blacks out of the south to seek for a better life in the northern and eastern states of America. The most important push factor that caused blacks to leave the south was the lynching that occurred in the southern states. During this time of condemning blacks of wrongful activities, more than 2,500 blacks were persecuted and lynched in the southern states. These lynching created a number of riots that regularly protested against the lynching of blacks in the south. Blacks were scared to speak out against race in the south, so they left to pursue a better life in other parts of the country. Some of the pull factors that attracted blacks to leave the south were the chance to earn a better education, increasing amount of jobs, the right to vote, black owned companies, and the opportunity for a better economic welfare. These push and pull served as the major factor in blacks migrating from the south to the north. Blacks felt that the north had a better opportunity for them to achieve greatness and was the cause for blacks to look search for the identity of the “New Negro.”
During this time, there were blacks and whites for and against the migration of blacks. Those who followed Booker T. were against the all-black communities being developed in America; he felt blacks should respect whites and lead by example from their traits.
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