The Expansion of the Military During the 1800's Essay examples

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Expansion of Military was a major progressive in the U.S. back in the 1800’s. In fact, many asian countries believed that they should have a bigger military as well because they wanted to get more influenced in the world. Today people still think that the expansion of military is a big deal for them. The reason for that is because military was the only source of defence that kept growing today. The expansion of military also shows how strong the country is and give you a way better reputation as well.

The Monroe Doctrine affected the military because it was not a treaty or an agreement with other countries. It was basically a statement made by the United States which would not allow European countries to expand their control over
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Today, people still write journals of the war and give advices or ideas of how they can improve.

When the U.S. had to Join the World War 1, their military initially struggled with the economic realities of twentieth century war, it had gone to Europe and successfully fought a massive industrialized war against a nation known for its military strength and expertise and emerged a formidable superpower. They were 30,000 men enlisting everyday for World War 1 by the end of August. By mid-September, 500,000 men had volunteered and another 500,000 had joined them by the end of the year.

The Spanish-American war was big for the Americans. America eventually won Spain's remaining overseas territories and acquired a colonial empire. Acquiring vast amounts of land had several important implications for the U.S. military. Aware that America’s new possessions placed them on an international stage rife with economic and imperialistic competition. With more land also meant more area to defend, the U.S military sought to increase its forces. Over the next two decades saw unprecedented accelerated military change and development.

The Expansion of military affected that taxes tremendously in the 1900's. The reason for that was because the Americans had many wars going on, in that period and they were preparing for World War 1. They also, have many sections in the military so they
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