The Expansive Of Islam Is My Historical Subject That Interests Me

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The expansive of Islam is my historical subject that interests me. I want to learn, explore, discover and understand more about the Islam and Muslim traditions. I believe that there is so much that people can learn the Islam’s culture. I was so interested about the subject that I decided to read a book based on it to learn more about this wonderful religion Islam. According to the book,.................................................... , the author discusses about the Islam’s traditions. The author, Tanya Gulevich was born and raised as a child in a beautiful place called San Francisco Bay area and this area was filled with different kinds of cultures so this was pretty much a place that was known to be a very cultural, traditional and very diverse place which I find really fascinating. As Tanya Gulevich grew up she really enjoyed listening to the stories of her immigrant grandparents. Tanya Gulevich also went to college which was at Oberlin College. This was the college where she pursued interests in European history, sociology, and Asian Studies. The author Tanya Gulevich had many qualifications about her. For instance, later on in her life Tanya obtained an M.A. and Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from the University of Michigan. As of right now, Tanya Gulevich lives in a very beautiful place called San Francisco, California. As a reader I found the authors qualifications and her background very interesting. Now that I had learned some information about the author’s
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