The Expectation Management Of A Parcel Delivery Company

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This paper will look into the Expectation Management of a parcel delivery company and how to properly reduce the level of service in order to redefine the company’s business model. It will look at the promises the company makes and if they are realistic and how they will follow through, the choices it offers it customers and if the too are realistic or sustainable. The intent is to create a tiered-value offering based on the customers communicated service criteria. Based on what a company learns from the communication of what the customer expects, the company should be able to define its customer service business model.

Managing Expectations
In order to effectively manage expectations on what and how a services provider
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In order to make a realistic promise the company must know what the customer expects and its limitations with providing that level of service or if that is unrealistic request. The company must communicate with the customer on what their expectations are, so that the company could then evaluate if that is a feasible feat for the company to achieve, or if the expectations of the customer are unrealistic. The higher the level of expectation the customer brings, will determine their personal evaluation of service (Zeithaml, Bitner, & Gremler, 2013, p 429); and the higher level of service quality they expect to received. In order for the customer to believe they received high quality of service their expectations must be met. In pursuance of fulfilling the customer expectation of service received the customer must be afforded options or choices related to the service received.

Offer Choices Offering choices to customers, gives the customer more belief that they have control of the level of service they will receive, and that, that level of service will be met. With a parcel shipping company, the higher the price the more the customer will expects to have their level of service achieved. In marketing, customers relate time/money and speed/quality; if a customer perceives that they are paying more for time or quality they
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