The Expectations, Duties And Roles Of A Teacher

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The daybook clearly outlines the expectations, duties and roles of a teacher. I wrote the daybook with the background knowledge of the students and their different abilities within the classroom setting. The daybook clearly shows room for differentiation and flexibility, whilst still having a good routine for the students. This will allow students to feel more safe and secure within the classroom and learning environment The attached daybook clearly shows my ability to design and implement a concise days of teaching and provides evidence of differentiation within the classroom. The daybook demonstrates my ability to design and implement explicit learning sequences according to the NSW syllabus and Australian curriculum. The year 4 program also incorporated a Aboriginal and Torres straight islander unit of work, outlines British colonisation. The unit focused on the histories of the people of Australia before colonisation, during and after colonisation. This covers the standard 1.4.2, as the histories of the aboriginal and Torres straight Islanders were explored effectively during lessons. The daybook provides evidence of assessment and evaluation. This will provide the students with structure and concise learning experiences on a daily basis. This will provide the students with a routine and this allows for a more smooth learning experience for both the students and the teacher. Grade meeting are conducted on a weekly basis, allowing for all grade teachers to be up to
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