The Expectations For A Nursing Home

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Nursing homes are places where people go who either can no longer care for themselves or never were really able to without special professional care. With this being said, the expectations for nursing homes are set high because no one wants their loved one to be left alone in a place far from home that isn 't healthy for them. My visit to The Renaissance wasn 't at all like I expected it to be. The expectations for a nursing home should be clean, in a safe and quiet area, and also I think it should have the some of the best nurses working for them. As I was walking outside looking at the building before I walked in I can tell that everything is very well kept to maintain a good appearance to the outsiders. Then I walked in to speak with the receptionist for the visitors pass, the lobby looked very nice, the smell was amazing, and everything was very organized and clean. There was only one flaw about the lobby; the receptionist was on the phone the whole time I was trying to speak to her about the work there. Usually, there’s an exception when the lady behind the desk answers the phone for a customer but she obviously had to have been speaking with a friend or family member because of the way she spoke to them. This was extremely rude and inappropriate. I received my visitor’s pass and made my way to the other door to where everyone is. The first thing the hits you when your open the door is the smell. This smell was very bad; it was a smell of urine and bowel movements.

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