The Expectations : Physical And Behavioral

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Our society and culture have, over time, carved out specific gender roles that provide a certain identity for us from a very young age. It influences what is expected and accepted by girls and women, or boys and men. How you are raised, and how you are conditioned by society may contribute to your perception of these roles and how you do or do not function within them. I will use this image to discuss the expectations (physical and behavioral) of girls and how it affects them later in life. In our culture today, there is a heavy influence on how women should look. This picture shows a young girl who is having makeup put on by her mother; which is an obvious expression of the aesthetic expectations on women. Physical appearance is a big part of the expectation of women in our society today. Photo shopped models with airbrushed skin send the message that women should look flawless at all times with no blemishes. Makeup can be a way to pursue that image, but the images we are saturated with as a society are never truly obtainable. Females are sexualized in movies, ads, magazines, etc. and society forms the idea that these images are the ideal. They are expected to be thin, and delicate while still maintaining curves as well. Our culture is overrun with images and ideas that women should look a certain way, and often value women at how they rate on that scale. In this picture the young girl bears a striking resemblance to a Barbie doll; she is literally becoming…
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