The Expected Pattern Of Development Of Children

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Unit 2 - Development and well-being 0-5 years Nargis Gafar D1: Describe the expected pattern of development of children aged 0-5 years for one of the areas of development: The expected pattern of children’s early years development from 0-5 years consists of Physical, Intellectual and Social and Emotional development. Children aged 0-5 years are expected to be able to walk, talk and interact with other children and adults by the time they are aged 5. Social Development is where a child learns to interact with other people and how to behave in different social situations and how to understand other people 's feelings and their own feelings and how to manage them. Social and emotional development of babies and young children should be encouraged. This can be done through activities provided at any childcare settings or within the home. They should be given opportunities to interact with other children and adults. For example, they should play with their parents and have playdates with other children To give children the best opportunities in developing their social and emotional skills you need to give the child support and show them how to be with others, how to be kind to others and help them understand why people may behave in certain ways. They also need to be given positive interaction by the people around them. D2: Identify suitable methods for observing children’s holistic development: Some suitable methods of observing children’s holistic development are
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