The Expedition Of Lewis And Clark

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Without the expedition of Lewis and Clark, the American history that people know would be completely different changing the accomplishments in history. The background and experience Lewis and Clark already developed prior to the expedition would be very beneficial and help make the journey easier. The development of the mission played a key part in the expedition itself because if the development did not play out exactly how Jefferson planned, then the expedition may not have been as successful. A big part of history, the expedition was very significant and impacted American society in ways that no one will ever be able to understand. Although the expedition of Lewis and Clark would be a very long journey, the United States would not have developed into such a prosperous country without the two men who traveled across the terrain in rain and snow in order to improve the United States. Meriwether Lewis was born August 18, 1724 near Ivy Virginia where he would begin a journey that would change history. In 1801, Thomas Jefferson asked Lewis to be his private secretary after he helped in the Whiskey Rebellion, which was farmers who started an uprising against taxes in 1794. Lewis had a very prominent role within the state militia, which would benefit him in the future. William Clark was born August 1, 1770 in Caroline County Virginia where he would influence America in many ways. At the young age of 19, Clark entered into the military where people knew him as the younger

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