The Expedition Of Meriwether Lewis Summary

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1.Benjamin Rush believed that a female education should include knowledge of the English language, natural philosophy, and vocal music. For women to know how to read, write, and speak the English language is important, because is a necessity to teach their children and is still being done by females in the modern day. Natural philosophy should be in every female's education based on how you know the world works, it benefits when being a mother. In modern day that knowledge is passed from any female in your life to you, and helps you get a better understanding of nature. Like learning how to cook or natural remedies when you get sick, “ A general acquaintance with the ... principles of chemistry, and natural philosophy, particularly with such parts of them as are applicable to domestic and culinary purposes.”. Vocal music is also a tradition passed down from generation to generation that influences the beliefs of any female. All of these things a female had to learn is still necessary for modern day, but now females have that basic knowledge based upon any female in their life. This is just necessary for a female’s education it is important for the daily, now that everyone is dependent on. “This cannot be done without the assistance of the female members of the community.”

2. The expedition of Meriwether Lewis was a significant turning point in regard to the relationship between the United States and Native Americans, due to this giving background about how they both are

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