The Expeditions Of The Expedition

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The names Lewis and Clark have almost always been associated with excellence and adventure. Their expedition westward in search of a water passageway across the country has become etched into the annals of history as one of the earliest and greatest examples of American nationalism and survives not only as a compelling story, but also as a piece of living, breathing history. However, upon examining the expedition, several prudent questions arise: Could the expedition truly have known what awaited them out west? Was meeting the now legendary figure Sacagawea someone the group intended to find? And maybe most importantly, concerning the preparation efforts taken by the expedition’s generals, most notably Meriwether Lewis, did the group prepare accordingly in order to ensure the expedition’s survival? All questions will be assessed in the following essay. That being said, looking at both the journals of the expedition and scholarly material on the subject shows how the expedition’s preparation was perhaps flawed in certain ways, but the expedition did their very best and, in fact, succeeded in accomplishing what no other American explorers had done in the early 19th Century: discovering and documenting the lay of the land, as well as establishing friendly relations with local tribes of Native Americans. The Louisiana Territory, it should be said, was roughly defined as the part of the interior of the continent drained by the Missouri River and the southwestern tributaries of…

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